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PATN Installation and Activation

Installing PATN should be very simple but it does have some oddities. These are due to the requirement of some universities that use PATN in teaching. In this case, additional security has required the embedding of code that monitors the installations. As we didn't want to manage another version of PATN, everyone is subjected to the same indignities. My apologies.

The number of steps involved is dependent on your Internet connection. Generally, the process has these steps-

  • On the eSellerate Web site, fill in your details, pay and download PATN
  • Save a copy of the downloaded file somewhere secure. If you purchased the optional eSellerate Download Service, you can always re-download the original file from the eSellerate site for up to a year after the date of purchase.
  • You will receive an e-mail using your supplied e-mail address containing the following information-
  • A URL that will link to your purchase details
  • An Order Number
  • Date of purchase
  • Your contact details
  • Your order details
  • Your Serial Number

It is important to keep a copy of this e-mail secure. I suggest you should make a few copies (at least one hard copy) and keep the information in a secure location.

Double click on the downloaded file to run the PATN setup. The program will check if you are online. If you are online, you will be requested to enter your Serial Number. When this is done, PATN will then authenticate the serial number against the user database. Once this is done, PATN can then be run with no further bureaucracy. Note, it may take a minute or two for PATN to try a few options due to security and firewall complexities.

PATN will present the following window with three options-

Activation options

Option 1 - Activate using a web browser on this computer

This options will use the web browser on the same system as PATN. In cases where firewalls stop non-browser applications from accessing the Internet, you can activate your web browser on the URL in the window below, follow the instructions and receive an activation key from the eSellerate site.

Activate user browser

Option 2 - Activate using a different computer that has web access

This option uses a web browser on another computer that is linked to the Internet. If Option 2 is selected, the following screen is displayed. Just follow the instructions. Take a copy of the Installation ID displayed as below to another computer that is linked to the Internet and when you get an Activation Key, return to the computer that PATN is on and follow the instructions.

Activate using a different (online) computer

Option 3 - I have an activation key

 This option is when you have received received an Activation Key.

Enter serial number

Simply enter the Key and the following screen will be displayed. Note that it is wise to use the Save button and keep a copy of the Installation ID and Activation Key in a secure location.

Displays registration details

The process of entering your serial number or activation key creates an activation event in the PATN user database.

The activation process is certainly easier if you are online!