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While the development of PATN has been a collaborative project between Lee Belbin (Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd), CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and Griffith University, the current development, copyright and support of PATN is by Blatant Fabrication Pty Ltd.

PATN is Copyright © 2001 Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd



1.1 Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd agrees to supply ("the USER") with a copy of PATN ("the Software") and grants the USER the exclusive, personal and non-transferable right to use the Software for personal use.

1.2 The Program shall be used on a single computer system. In the event of a breakdown or replacement of the system, the Software may be migrated to another system but should be deleted from all but the host system after loading.


2.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd shall be under no obligation or responsibility to install or assist in the installation of the Software, or provide any service maintenance, software enhancements or any other services to the USER.


3.1 The USER acknowledges that it has no copyright or other industrial or intellectual property right or interest whatsoever in the Software.

3.2 The USER shall not reproduce or copy or permit or suffer reproduction or copying of the whole or part of the Software without the written consent of Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd except that one copy of the Software may be made for security or back-up reasons in which case the said copy shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


4.1 The USER its servants, agents and employees shall during the continuance of this Agreement and thereafter keep the Software and any part thereof secret and confidential and shall not make available the Software for the use or benefit of any person or entity other than the USER without the prior written consent of Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd.


5.1 The USER understands and acknowledges that:

(a) the Software may have inherent defects, errors or deficiencies;

(b) the USER uses the Software and advice opinions or information supplied by Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd its servants agents and employees concerning the Software at its own risk;

(c) Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd makes no representations whatsoever that the Software will be suitable for a particular purpose or for use under specific conditions notwithstanding that such purpose or use may be known or made to Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd; and

(d) the Software is supplied to the USER on the understanding that the USER will not hold Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd its servants, agents or employees liable for any loss or damage resulting from its use.

(e) Any and all use of the Software must be acknowledged in any resulting publication. Such reference must be to- "Belbin, Lee (2013): PATN,"


6.1 A party may terminate this Agreement:

(a) at any time after twelve (12) months from the date of this Agreement by six (6) months notice in writing; or

(b) on breach of any of the covenants contained herein or if the other party shall be the subject of winding-up proceedings whether voluntary or compulsory otherwise than for the purpose of reconstruction without prejudice to the right of Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd to sue for and recover any fee then due and to the rights of either party in respect of any previous breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement.

6.2 When this Agreement is terminated, the USER must remove all copies of the software from the system and any backups made.